Cluster 3: Logistics and Freight

Cluster 3 Co-chairs:

meloSandra Melo has a PhD in Civil Enginner by the University of Porto – Faculdade de Engenharia (Portugal), investigating the influence of the power of the local context on the performance of last mile ‘best practices’ towards a more sustainable mobility, considering public and private (freight and passenger) transport. Her current research focuses on urban logistics, sustainable freight transport, transport policy evaluation and transport behaviour decision-making. She is currently Post-doc researcher at Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa and Senior Member of the Portuguese Civil Engineers Chamber. She has actively participated in NECTAR, especially in Cluster 3, were she participated in the organizing committee of cluster meetings and is a co-editor in two NECTAR Series volume on City Distribution And Urban Freight Transport( published by Edward Elgar) and on Sustainable Logistics (published by Emerald). Website:

Travis Fried is a spatial data and urban freight enthusiast with a Master’s degree in GIS from the University of Minnesota and a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology from Carleton College. He is currently a PhD candidate in Transportation Engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle, advised by Dr. Anne Goodchild at the Urban Freight Lab. Previously, he worked as an urban mobility researcher for World Resources Institute (WRI) studying the environmental, health, and equity impacts of open public transit data, urban freight, shared mobility, transport-related stimulus spending and impact investing – among other topics. These days, his work explores the intersection of city logistics, e-commerce, urban planning, transportation equity and environmental justice. Travis has been a NECTAR member since 2022. For more:

Nicolas Brusselaers is a post-doctoral researcher in Construction Logistics at Linköping University, Sweden. With a strong interest in sustainable urban freight logistics measures, his research focuses on the impact and optimization of the construction supply chain. He obtained his Ph.D. at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, which focused on the dynamic impact of off-site construction transport on air quality. During his earlier studies, Nicolas interned at telco Proximus (Brussels), data visualization start-up (Leuven) and route optimization start-up Badger Maps (San Francisco, CA). His master thesis focused on dynamic pollution exposure modelling using mobile service provider data. Nicolas is a member of NECTAR since 2019. Latest publications:

Jonas Flodén is associate professor in logistics at the Department of Business Administration at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. His main research interests are freight transport, business models, intermodal transport, information technology and sustainability in transport. Jonas Flodén has previously served as Head for section for Industrial and Financial Management and Logistics at the Department of Business administration for 7 years and have been the director of the research centre Northern LEAD for 3 years. His main teaching areas are freight transport, supply chain management and information technology. Website:

Cluster activities: 

  • Cluster established, Helsinki, 2001
  • Cluster Workshop, Delft, 2002
  • Cluster Workshop, Liège, Belgium, November 2002
  • Cluster Workshop, Lugano, Switzerland, November 2004
  • Cluster Workshop, Gothenburg, Sweden, March 2006
  • Cluster Workshop, Delft, The Netherlands, March 2008
  • NECTAR Conference, Arlington, 2009
  • Cluster Workshop, Porto, Portugal, November, 2009
  • NECTAR Conference, Antwerp, May, 2011
  • Cluster Workshop, Brussels, Belgium, Jan 2012
  • NECTAR Conference. Azores, June 2013
  • Cluster Workshop, Portugal, Algarve, April 2015
  • Cluster 3 Thematic Session “Smart freight transport: the way forward” 12th International NECTAR Conference, Ann Arbor, USA, 14-16 June 2015
  • Nectar Conference, Michigan, June 2015
  • Joint Cluster 2 and Cluster 3 Meeting on “The role of planning towards sustainable urban mobility” in Brno, Czech Republic, May 2016 (output: ETRR special issue:
  • Cluster 3: Thematic Session “Hyperconnected logistics”, 13th NECTAR international conference, May 31-June 2 2017, Madrid.
  • Cluster 3: Cluster Thematic session “The Logistics of Living in Cities”, 14th NECTAR international conference, June 5-7, 2019, University of Helsinki
  • Cluster 3: Cluster Thematic session “European Modular System”,  4/5 June 2020, Zaragoza (Spain)
  • Cluster 3 Workshop on “Intermodality and synchromodality in the European Modular System”: 3/4 June 2021 (online)
  • Cluster 3 Workshop on “Delivering Just Sustainabilities: Green and Equitable Transitions in Last-Mile Logistics”, 20-22 September 2023, Madrid (jointly with the Polytechnic University of Madrid)

See the publication page for publications organised by the cluster.