New book: “Transport in human scale cities – call for a change in thinking”

The latest book “Transport in Human Scale Cities” in the NECTAR Series has been published by Edward Elgar and is available as open access! The book originates from the NECTAR conference in Helsinki in 2019.

The book calls for a paradigm shift in urban transport, which remains one of the critically uncertain aspects of the sustainability transformation of our societies. It argues that the potential of human scale thinking needs to be recognised, both in understanding people on the move in the city and within various organisations responsible for cities.

Taking a multidisciplinary approach with a focus on the human scale, expert contributors offer lessons for responsible innovation
practices to advance the human scale urban mobility technologies. Chapters also offer new insights into the development of urban and transport planning processes, considering new data, methods and approaches. Drawing on specific examples, the book presents a critical analysis of key topics, including the relationship between transport and wellbeing, the relationship between accessibility and income, the mobility of the elderly and various transport planning and policy questions.

The book is edited by dr. Miloš Mladenović (Aalto University), professor Tuuli Toivonen (University of Helsinki), Elias Willberg (University of Helsinki) and professor Karst Geurs (University of Twente). The book is dedicated to the memory of dr. Moshe Givoni, lecturer at Tel-Aviv University, whose ambition was to continuously promote research and better policy making to transform our urban mobility systems.

The open access book is available for download at: