Edward Elgar NECTAR Series

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 Special Issues

Papers on NECTAR

Cluster 1

  • Rietveld P. and Capineri C. (eds.) (1997): Policy Analysis of Networks. Ashgate
  • Reggiani A. (ed.) (1998): Accessibility, Trade and Locational Behaviour. Ashgate
  • Beuthe M. and Nijkamp P. (eds.) (1999): New Contributions to Transportation Analysis in Europe. Ashgate
  • Reggiani A. and Nijkamp P. (eds.) (2006): Spatial Dynamics, Networks and Modelling. Edward Elgar
  • Givoni, M. and Banister, D. (eds.) (2010): Integrated Transport: from policy to practice. Routledge
  • Thomopoulos N., Givoni M., Rietveld P (eds.) (2015): ICT for Transport: Opportunities and Threats. Edward Elgar
  • Bråthen, S., Givoni, M. (2017) The wider impacts from transport: What do we know, what do we still need to know and what does it mean?

Cluster 2

Cluster 3

  • Kreutzberger, E., Macharis, C. and J. Woxenius (2006): Intermodal versus unimodal road freight transport – a review of comparisons of the external costs in Jourquin, B., Rietveld, P. and L. Westin (eds.): Towards better performing transport systems, Taylor and Francis. London, pp. 17-42.
  • Special issue: Macharis, C. and E. Marcucci (eds.) (2004) Freight transport analysis and intermodality, European Transport \ Trasporti Europei
  • Special issue: Caris, A., Macharis, C. and G. K. Janssens (eds.) (2013) Decision Support for Intermodal Transport
  • Macharis, C., Melo, S., Woxenius, J. and T. Van Lier (eds.) (2014) Sustainable Logistics, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley (U.K.), ISBN: 978-1-78441-062-9:
  • ETRR special issue on “the role of planning towards sustainable urban mobility”, based on the Joint Cluster 2 and Cluster 3 Meeting (17-18 May 2016, Brno, Czech Republic):

Cluster 4

  • Haas, A and L Osland (eds.) (2014): Commuting, Migration, Housing and Labour Markets: Complex Interactions, Urban Studies, Special Issue 51(3).  
  • Inmaculada Mohino & José M. Ureña (2020) Mobility, housing and labour markets in times of economic crises, Regional Studies, 54:4, 443-449

Cluster 6

Cluster 8

  • Special issue “Mobile Phones, Travel, and Transportation” in the Journal of Urban Technology. A selection of papers from the 2016 te Mobile Tartu Conference edition of 2016 edited by Luc Wismans, Karst Geurs and the late Rein Ahas. See for more information:
  • Special issue “Big Data: A New Opportunity for Transport Geography?” in the Journal of Transport Geography. This special issue is edited by Emmanouil Tranos and Elizabeth Mack. See for more information: