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6 full time research positions on cycling in the Netherlands (PhD, researcher/lecturer and postdoctoral researcher)

Cycling booms in many Dutch cities. While smart cycling innovations promise to increase cycling’s modal share in the (peri-)urban transport system even further, little is understood of their impacts or cost and benefit. The “Smart Cycling Futures (SCF)” program investigates if and how smart cycling innovations ─ including ICT-enabled cycling innovations, infrastructures, and social innovations like new business models ─ contribute to more resilient and livable Dutch urban regions.

The program offers 6 fulltime research positions. Deadline for applications May 10th.

For more information, please visithttp://cyclingacademics.blogspot.com/2016/04/6-research-positions-on-cycling.html

Joint NECTAR Cluster 6 and Regional Science Academy Meeting

We are pleased to invite you for a joint NECTAR Cluster 6 and Regional Science Academy meeting on “Geolocalized Data and Accessibility: Benefits and Threats” in Marne-la-Vallée, Paris area, 2-4 June 2016. We are seeking participants who are able to participate for the full three days of this important joint scientific event, which will be a combination of research papers presentation and brainstorm thinking on new roadmaps for future research in this field.

Deadline for submissions is: 31 March 2016

Abstracts should be sent to pierre.zembri@enpc.fr and olivier.bonin@ifsttar.fr.

The call for abstracts can be found here.

2017 World Symposium on Transport & Land Use Research: Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce that the 2017 World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research (WSTLUR) will be held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, July 3rd- July 6th, 2017 (http://www.wstlur.org/symposium/2017/). We seek original papers (not submitted elsewhere) on the interaction of transport and land use. Papers must be submitted by October 31st, 2016. WSTLUR membership is not required to submit a paper. Each conference registrant may be a co-author on multiple papers, but there is a limit of one presentation per registrant.

Detailed submission instructions and conference information are available on the WSTLUR website (http://www.wstlur.org/). We are soliciting visionary papers, standard-length papers, and short papers. Please visit the website for information about conference themes, paper length, submission format, peer review, key dates, keynote speakers and conference logistics.

4 PhD positions at Department of Spatial Economics, VU Amsterdam

The Department of Spatial Economics at the VU Amsterdam offers four new PhD positions for projects in the Dutch SURF programme (Smart Urban Regions of the Future) and in the European JPI Urban Europe programme (ERA-NET COFUND Smart Cities and Communities, ENSCC), on the following topics:

1. Tradable peak-hour permits in road transport: a real-world experiment (subproject of U-Smile)

2. Behavioural modelling of peak-hour commuting behaviour: stated and revealed preference approaches (subproject of IP-SUNTAN)

3. Automated driving: spatial-economic implications (subproject of STADSSE)

4. Urban form, energy use and local environmental quality: a general equilibrium perspective (subproject of BREATHE) 

 Closing date: 4 February, 2016. Read more.

PhD position at Cranfield University

Cranfield University is looking for a PhD candidate funded by H2020 ( the FUCAM project) and the Centre for Air Transport Cranfield University. The objective of the FUCAM project (FUture Cabin for the Asian Market) is to develop a 2025+ conceptual cabin design devoted to the Asian market, for short and medium range aircraft. FUCAM is a 3-year collaborative project with Japan comprising 8 research and industrial partners from 7 European countries including Airbus. Our main tasks are to investigate the key factors to affect the end users’ choice (requirement) for cabin architecture and system as a part of their air travel (quantitative method), to evaluate the economic impact for users (passengers and airlines). A PhD candidate who is very strong at quantitative analysis, incl. discrete choice modeling, is desired. Please contact Dr Chikage Miyoshi (c.miyoshi@cranfield.ac.uk) to request further information.