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Job vacancy: Assistant Professor in Smart Mobility (University of Twente, the Netherlands)

The University of Twente is recruiting an Assistant Professor in Smart Mobility at the Department of Civil Engineering. Please apply if your research expertise comprises geospatial analysis, data science, travel behaviour research, choice modelling and traffic safety research. We expect you to have a strong interest in operating at the crossroads of different disciplines and to have a passion for teaching. You will dedicate 50% of your time to research and 50% to teaching.

You are welcome to contact Prof. Karst Geurs (at k.t.geurs@utwente.nl) for any questions you might have.

Workshop on “Transport policies and strategies in sustainable tourism”

It is our pleasure to invite you to a workshop of NECTAR Cluster 5 (Leisure, Recreation and Tourism) on “Transport policies and strategies in sustainable tourism”. The workshop will be held at bbw University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany, during the International Conference “Policies and Strategies in Sustainable Tourism” (June 18th-19th 2020). Abstracts can be submitted until 31 March 2020.

The call can be found here.

15th INFORMS Telecommunications and Network Analytics Conference

The conference takes place March 29 to April 1 2020 in Berlin, and is going to be focused on the theory and application of operations research and management science to problems in telecommunications and network analytics, with particular emphasis on new and emerging technologies. More information can be found here and on the conference website: http://informs_tnac2020.zib.de/submissions.html

In memoriam Moshe Givoni

We are saddened with receiving the news that Moshe Givoni has passed away November 22, 2019. Moshe was the Head of the Transport Research Unit and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Geography and Human Environment at Tel- Aviv University. Moshe has been an active and much appreciated member of NECTAR since 2003. He joined the cluster leadership of the Networks Cluster (Cluster 1) in 2005 and has shaping the cluster as it changed its focus to “Transport Infrastructure Impacts and Evaluation” in 2017.

Moshe had a wide research interest reflected by many publications on integrated and sustainable transport policy development, competition, integration and substitution between aviation and high speed rail transport, active travel, road pricing and smart mobility. In many publications Moshe examined the environmental and social benefits of transport policies, where he also explored modern ways of gathering bigger data. His range of research interests were reflected by the variety of several cluster meetings that Moshe organized and co-organised. Events that Moshe helped organizing were, amongst others, cluster workshops in Leeds (UK, 2012), Liege (Belgium, 2014), Cranfield (UK, 2015), Molde (Norway, 2016), Warsaw (Poland, 2016) and cluster meetings at ERSA conferences and several biannual NECTAR conferences. Moshe has guest edited NECTAR special issues (e.g., in Research in Transport Economics) and co-edited two books in the NECTAR series published by Edward Elgar. With Nicolas Thomopoulos and Piet Rietveld he edited the book “ICT for Transport” in 2015 and just a couple of weeks ago the new NECTAR book “Transport, Space and Equity” was published, edited with Robin Hickman, Beatriz Mella Lira and Karst Geurs.

Moshe was an inspiration for many of us by pushing high-quality research and promoting better transport policies. At the same time Moshe was always kind, generous and humble – he was an incredibly positive person, always interested in other peoples’ research and lives, encouraging publications and meetings. Many of us remember dinners full of laughter – across the continents from Oxford to California – he was always so warm, welcoming and generous with his smile. Many of us have fond memories talking with Moshe during NECTAR meetings and its conference dinners and social events. We remember his warm welcome and proud tour around his Department and the city of Tel Aviv when visiting him. He was a wonderful colleague and NECTAR friend.

We will all miss him deeply. His smile will forever be in our hearts.
Our thoughts and deepest sympathy go to his wife Helena, his three children and the rest of the family, as well to his colleagues at his Department in Tel-Aviv.

Cluster 5 & 6 Special Session: “Regional Science and Tourism”

As part of the 26th Pacific Conference of the RSAI (PRSCO), to be held jointly with the 59th Annual Meeting of the WRSA in Waikiki, Hawaii from March 18 to 21, 2020, Nectar clusters 5 and 6 are organizing a Special Session on “Regional Science and Tourism”. The website for submission is now open (www.wrsaonline.org). Short abstracts, as well as full papers (also in draft format), will be accepted for the Special Session. Full papers benefit from the traditional WRSA 45-minute per paper time slot. The submission deadline is November 15, 2019, for full-length original papers (not previously published). The call can be found here.

Cluster 2 & 7 joint meeting: “Social and Health Implications of Active Travel Policies”

Cluster 2 of NECTAR (Network of European Communications and Transport Activities Research) focuses on policy and environmental issues and is planning to organize a joint meeting in 2020 with Cluster 7 dealing with Social and Health Issues. The meeting will be held at the Università Iuav di Venezia in Venice, Italy between the 26th and 27th March 2020. The Conference will bring together leading researchers from Europe and elsewhere. Deadline for abstract submissions is 18 December 2019. The call can be found here.

Vacancy: postdoctoral/senior researcher at the MOBI Brussels

The MOBI Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is looking for a senior researcher (100%) who will manage the Inclusive Digital Mobility Solutions (INDIMO) EU-funded research and innovation project (starting on 1 January 2020) and contribute to interdisciplinary research in the domains of transport, sustainability and socio-economic assessment.

For details and to apply please visit the following website:


Call for abstracts: CODATU conference

The deadline of the call for abstracts for the next CODATU Conference (CODATU XVIII) that will be held in Dakar (Senegal) from 9th to 11th of November 2020 has been postponed to 13 October 2019. CODATU is an association with international vocation whose objective is to promote sustainable mobility policies through conferences, seminars, training and scientific exchanges on urban and interurban mobility.

You will find all the relevant information on CODATU website : http://www.codatu.org/conferences/codatu-xviii-conference-call-for-abstracts/ as well as here.