PhD position at Cranfield University

Cranfield University is looking for a PhD candidate funded by H2020 ( the FUCAM project) and the Centre for Air Transport Cranfield University. The objective of the FUCAM project (FUture Cabin for the Asian Market) is to develop a 2025+ conceptual cabin design devoted to the Asian market, for short and medium range aircraft. FUCAM is a 3-year collaborative project with Japan comprising 8 research and industrial partners from 7 European countries including Airbus. Our main tasks are to investigate the key factors to affect the end users’ choice (requirement) for cabin architecture and system as a part of their air travel (quantitative method), to evaluate the economic impact for users (passengers and airlines). A PhD candidate who is very strong at quantitative analysis, incl. discrete choice modeling, is desired. Please contact Dr Chikage Miyoshi ( to request further information.