PhD School on “Cycling in Cities”

TRAIL research school in the Netherlands organizes an international autumn school (13 – 15 November 2023; Delft & The Hague, the Netherlands) on ‘Cycling in Cities’.  It is offered to all PhD students, who are involved in research on the social, spatial, mobility and policy aspects of cycling. It does not matter whether you are about to start or whether you are well on the way with your PhD research.

TRAIL is a Dutch research school which aims to provide high quality training and education for PhD students in the area of Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics. The school is supported by six universities.

Course manager: Dr. Kees Maat

Lecturers: Prof. Bert van Wee, Prof. Ralph Buehler, Prof. Henk Meurs, Dr. Maarten Kroesen, Dr. Paul van de Coevering, Dr. Paul Schepers, and others.

Deadline for registration: 15 July 2023

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