Transatlantic conference

The first Transatlantic Euro-NECTAR Conference has been held in Arlington (VA, USA) from June 18 to June 20, 2009.

The local organiser was Kenneth Button (George Mason University, USA).

Thematic Sessions

Besides the general call for papers, each cluster organized a special thematic session. Please find the activity reports from the clusters below:

  • Thematic session Cluster 1: Networks and Infrastructure Investment
  • Thematic session Cluster 2: Transition towards Sustainable Mobility: the Role of Instruments, Individuals and Institutions
  • Thematic session Cluster 3: City Logistics and Urban Freight Transport
  • Thematis session Cluster 4: Transport, ICT and Labour Market
  • Thematic session Cluster 6: Accessibility and Mobility Needs
  • Thematic session: Transport Security