Cluster 3: Workshop on “Intermodality and synchromodality in the European Modular System”

The European Modular System (EMS) is a concept applied in road transport allowing combinations of existing load units (modules) to be used in longer and sometimes heavier vehicle assemblies on certain roads. EMS improves the efficiency of road transport thus reducing its environmental impact. After long negotiations, the EU has reached a compromise allowing the use of longer and heavier vehicles throughout the European network on the condition of using existing standardized EU modules: the so-called EMS. Papers issues related to the EMS, through an evaluation of the coming changes and comparison of different systems, are welcome for presentation. For more details, see here.

Submissions of abstracts: 8/3/2021; Notification of acceptance: 12/4/2021; Submission full paper: 28/5/2021; Online cluster meeting on the 3rd and 4th of June 2021.

Cluster 1 – Call for Papers on “Critical Discourses on Transport and Urban Development”

Transport planning and urban development is often carried out from the perspective of the project promotor and fails to adequately address the needs of differing perspectives. Attitudes to proposed infrastructure projects and urban development are normative in nature, i.e. based on values and beliefs on what is good and desirable. There are many subjectivities involved – and transport planning could seek to understand these more carefully in the decision-making process, perhaps tailoring strategies to reflect and meet differences in viewpoints, and even to reflect diversity more thoroughly. For this workshop, we seek papers that critically engage with these issues, theoretically or through case study analysis, offering ways forward for widening our understanding of the different discourses evident in transport planning. See here for more information.

Abstract submission: 26 March, 2021; Notification of acceptance: 9 April, 2021; Submission of draft paper: 1 June, 2021; Online workshop: 15 June, 2021