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Cluster 1: Transport Infrastructure Impacts and Evaluation

Cluster 1: Transport Infrastructure Impacts and Evaluation

givoniMoshe Givoni (givonim@post.tau.ac.il) is the Director of the Transport Research Unit (TRU) and a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Geography and Human Environment, Tel-Aviv University. He is also a Visiting Research Associate at the Transport Studies Unit (TSU), University of Oxford and an Associate Editor for the journal Transport Reviews. He gained his PhD at the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London and received a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship which was undertaken at the VU University, Amsterdam. His academic background includes also degrees in Economics and Geography (BA) and Business Administration (MBA) from Tel-Aviv University. He is co-editor with David Banister, of the books “Towards Low Carbon Mobility” (Edward-Elgar, 2013) and “Integrated Transport from Policy to Practice” (Routledge, 2010) with Nikolas Thomopoulos “ICT for Transport: Opportunities and Threats” (Edward Elgar, 2015) and with Robin Hickman, David Bonilla and David Banister “International Handbook on Transport and Development” (Edward Elgar, 2015). He guest edited several special issue the most recent one on “Addressing transport policy challenges through Policy-Packaging” in Transportation Research A: Policy and Practice (2014).

Dr Imre Keseru (Imre.Keseru@vub.be) is a senior researcher and team leader for urban mobility at the MOBI Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). In his previous positions, he developed policies for international transport at the Hungarian Ministry of Transport and was deputy head of unit at the Institute for Transport Sciences in Budapest. His main research themes include participatory evaluation of urban mobility projects, stakeholder involvement in transport planning, co-creation for mobility and analysis of travel time use. He has extensive experience in EU-funded research projects. He has recently been involved in the participatory evaluation of future scenarios for mobility and transport in Europe (Mobility4EU) and is coordinating the Learning Loops in the Public Realm (LOOPER) project to develop a co-creation platform for urban issues. For his publication list see https://cris.vub.be/en/persons/imre-keseru(45e45cf1-ca15-407b-9eea-9e96ae8a7e7d)/publications.html

hickmanRobin Hickman (r.hickman@ucl.ac.uk) is a Senior Lecturer at the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, and a Visiting Research Associate at the Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford. He is Director of the MSc in Transport and City Planning at UCL. He has research interests in transport and climate change, urban structure and travel, integrated transport and urban planning strategies, the affective dimensions of travel, and sustainable transport strategies in the UK, Europe and Asia. His latest book is: Hickman, R. and Banister, D. (2014) Transport, Climate Change and the City, Routledge.

Goetz Head shot 2015Andrew R. Goetz is Professor and Chair in the Department of Geography & the Environment and a faculty member in the Intermodal Transportation Institute at the University of Denver, United States. He has published research on topics including transportation infrastructure and urban/economic growth, air transportation and airports, intermodal transportation, transport geography, high-speed rail, smart growth planning, rail transit systems, transit-oriented development, globalization, and sustainability. Dr. Goetz served as associate editor of the Journal of Transport Geography from 2004-2012, and still serves on its editorial board along with those of Transport Reviews and the World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research.   He received the 2010 Edward L. Ullman Award from the Association of American Geographers for Significant Contributions to Transportation Geography. His personal website can be found at: https://portfolio.du.edu/agoetz


Cluster activities

  • Cluster established
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 Workshop, Greece, 1995
  • NECTAR Workshop, Espinho, Portugal, 1995
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 Workshop, Mons, Belgium, 1996
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 Workshop, Odense, Denmark, 1997
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 Workshop, Mogliano Veneto, Italy, 1998
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 Workshop, Lille, France, 1999
  • NECTAR Workshop, Delft, The Netherlands, 1999
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 Workshop, Sienna, Italy, 2000
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 Workshop, Lund, Sweden
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 Workshop, Fiesole, Italy, 2005
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 Workshop, Mölde , Norway, 2006
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 Workshop, Menton, France, 2006
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 workshop, Oxford, UK, 2007
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 workshop, Mons, Belgium, 2010
  • NECTAR/ERSA special sessions, Jonkoping, Aug 2010
  • NECTAR Conference, Antwerp, May, 2011
  • NECTAR/RSAI special session, Timisoara, May 2012
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 workshop, Leeds, UK, September 2012
  • NECTAR Conference. Azores, June 2013
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 workshop, Liège, Belgium, April 2014
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 workshop, Cranfield, United Kingdom, May 2015
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 Thematic Session “Smart transport network investments and smart outcomes?” 12th International NECTAR Conference, Ann Arbor, USA, 14-16 June 2015
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 workshop 19-20 May 2016, Molde, Norway
  • NECTAR Joint Cluster 1 and Cluster 6 International Workshop, 20-21 October 2016, Warsaw, Poland
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 Cluster Thematic session “Transport Network’s Planning and Social Impacts”, 13th NECTAR international conference, May 31-June 2 2017, Madrid.
  • NECTAR Cluster 1 Cluster Thematic session ‘Widening Impact Analysis and Participation’. 14th NECTAR international conference, June 5-7, 2019, University of Helsinki

See the publication page for publications organised by the cluster.