• The Network on European Communications and Transport Activity Research (NECTAR) is a non-profit organization which brings together researchers in the field of transport, communication and mobility from all European Countries and the rest of the world.

• The primary objective of NECTAR is to foster research collaboration and exchange of information in the above mentioned areas between researchers from different disciplines and countries, with particular emphasis on a social science orientation towards relevant research issues.

• As a multidisciplinary social science network, NECTAR provides a platform for a wide variety of perspectives on transport and communication problems and their impacts on society, in a global context. These issues are closely connected with all aspects of the spatial behaviour of individuals, groups and governments.

• Researchers from universities, academic research institutes, public and private research institutes can become NECTAR members, who will be expected to play an active role in contributing to the objectives of NECTAR.

• NECTAR organizes various activities for its members such as: research group activities, meetings and conferences, participation in teaching programmes, exchange of researchers, collaborative contract research, and NECTAR publications.