Past conference letter

Post conference letter

Dear NECTAR colleagues:

I would like to thank everyone again for her/his active participation in the 1st Transatlantic NECTAR Conference in the USA.

It was the first time that the NECTAR Conference had been held in the USA. Thanks to all of you, our main scientific objective to generate novel scientific ideas and projects, together with our Transatlantic partners, has certainly been successful. I would like to reaffirm my special thanks to Ken Button and all the team at George Mason University for their enthusiastic support, as well as to the other sponsors.

The scientific future of NECTAR looks promising and full of new interesting activities, as we discussed at our Assembly. To provide you with more info about this, I wish to highlight the following:

  • our NECTAR Secretary, Knut Eriksen, has circulated a file (prepared by Luca Zamparini on the basis of material provided by Hadewijch van Delft) containing all the abstracts, with their authors, affiliations, and email addresses;
  • our webmaster, Thomas de Graaff, has uploaded – at our own website:  – an item concerning the results of the Conference, i.e. programme, abstracts and Cluster reports.

In this way, you can access all the authors and their abstracts, and contact them in order to receive their papers. This will help you to activate your cooperation, such as meetings, special issues, research projects, etc.

In summary: this first EU-US interdisciplinary Network experience has certainly been a sound basis for revitalizing the activities of our NECTAR Clusters. As you can see in our website, concrete proposals and plans for the coming months have been scheduled (call for papers concerning Cluster meetings, joint Special Sessions together with other Associations, etc.).

With my best regards and wishes for an inspiring Autumn period.

Aura Reggiani